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Items Needed at Home Closings in MA

Your closing is approaching. Congrats! Here are a list of items needed at home closings in MA. Keep this in mind to prevent any last minute delays at the closing table. Buyer Items Needed at Home Closings Home buyers have a few important items to

MA Holiday Home Showings

It's the holidays, but that doesn't halt your home buying plans. If anything, you may take advantage of the extra days off to continue your house hunting. Before you cancel all of your personal holiday plans to dedicate time to MA holiday home

MA Smoke Detector Law for Homes Built Before 1975

If you own a home that was built before 1975, there are specific laws in MA when it comes to the installation of smoke detectors. As of December 1, 2016, there is an important change to this law. Here's what you need to know. An Overview of the Law

Avoid Closing Delays in Massachusetts | MA Homebuyer Tips

As you go through the process of buying home, the closing date is what you look forward to most. It marks the end of the home buying process and the start of the homeownership journey. You plan so many things around that special date,... packing,

MA Rental Security Deposit Law | MA Landlord Tips

As a landlord in Massachusetts, it is extremely important to understand and abide by MA rental security deposit law. There are some very specific rules and guidelines to follow. Here are a few key aspects of this law. Amount & Receipt of MA

Tips for Unmarried Homebuyers in MA

Buying a home with someone who is not your spouse can get a little complicated. There are some important considerations before, during, and after the home buying process. The following tips for unmarried homebuyers in MA may help. Ownership

What is Binding in MA Real Estate Offers and Counteroffers

In most real estate transactions, there are offers and counteroffers submitted from buyers and sellers. It is important to know what is binding, what is void, and who has the option to cancel. This quick overview will help you better understand MA