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What Happens When You Have No Will in MA

A will allows you to designate heirs to your estate in the event of your untimely death. Without a will, it can be a bit more complicated and may not be in line with your personal wishes. Below is an overview of what happens when you have no will in

Text Messages Can Be Legally Binding in MA Real Estate Transactions

In this day and age, so much is done through text. Real estate agents communicate with clients, and agents communicate with one another regarding showings and offers. No one really assumes that anything sent via text message is binding, but that is

Changes to the HomeReady Mortgage Program in MA

The HomeReady mortgage program in MA is a Fannie Mae program servicing low to moderate income families. Some recent changes to the program will allow more home buyers to qualify for this home loan. Here are a few highlights of the changes. Homebuyer

Energy Tax Credit Tips For MA Home Owners

There are two different tax credits offered for homeowners who make energy efficient improvements. Credits directly reduce the tax owed and will, therefore, save money. This article offers energy tax credit tips for MA home owners. Two Different Tax

The Meaning Of Color And Home Design Tips

Here's a little something for all of our home buyer clients. Before selecting colors for a home, contemplate the meaning of color. All colors generate distinct emotions. It can also alter the size of a space. Lastly, it may impact the resale price of

Burlington MA Condo Property Sale Prices For 2nd Quarter 2016

Property prices in a town continually change. The average price of listings closed provides a general overview of the market. Other statistics such as the low, median, and high prices are also useful. The Burlington MA condo property sale prices for

Burlington MA Single Family Real Estate Prices For 2nd Quarter 2016

Property prices in a town constantly fluctuate. The average selling price offers a general overview of the market. Additional statistics such as the low, median, and high prices provide additional valuable information. The Burlington MA single family