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Costly Seller Mistakes When Listing MA Homes

Seller actions can control the success or failure of a home for sale. Some costly seller mistakes when listing MA homes are more damaging than others. Sellers must keep in mind the effect of their own actions and stay away from the mistakes

Why You Should Use Real Estate Brokers In MA

As a home buyer or home seller, you have the benefit of finding a real estate professional to provide support and promote your interests. It takes more than calling real estate brokers. There is commonly a document detailing the agency, roles of real

Revised Mortgage Disclosure Forms Coming Aug. 2015

You normally see multiple disclosure forms when applying for a home loan. It can be a bit confusing. These documents were created by different laws and at different times. In some cases, they have similar information, which can make the information

What May Affect Home Insurance Rates In MA

There are many things that influence home insurance rates. Insurance providers evaluate information on the home itself and on the property owner. What may affect home insurance rates in MA is detailed in this article and can be useful for both new

Eliminating PMI From Conventional Mortgages

For conventional mortgages where the down payment is lower than twenty percent, PMI is typically charged. The amount is billed each month and lumped into the mortgage payment. Eliminating PMI from conventional mortgages will save significant money,

Why Sell Homes In MA During The Holidays

The real estate economy not only varies every year, but additionally based on the month. There are a few false facts about selling a home during various times of year. Below is information on why sell homes in MA during the holidays. Active

Introduction To HomePath Mortgages

Fannie Mae owned properties may include a notation regarding HomePath financing. This financing is exclusively applicable to Fannie Mae properties and come with a few helpful options. The introduction to HomePath mortgages in this blog includes the