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Overview Of Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws

Every state has specific regulations on blood alcohol limits and punishment for drunk driving. There can be more than one set of guidelines and varying penalties differing in severity. In this blog is an overview of Massachusetts drunk driving

Burlington MA Condo Average Prices Of Homes Sold For Calendar Year 2013

Home prices in a town constantly fluctuate. The average selling price provides a general overview of a particular area. Additional figures such as the lowest, median, and highest selling prices provide additional helpful information. The Burlington

5 Factors For Refinancing A Home Loan – MA Refinance Considerations

Refinancing a home mortgage may lead to big savings if completed under the correct circumstances. Every loan and homeowner varies, so an opportune time for one person may not be for another. Before starting a refinance, take a look at these 5 factors

Disputed Trade Accounts And The Effect On MA Mortgages

Everyone has a right to dispute mistakes on their credit report. However, home buyers should be conscious of the effect that this may have on obtaining financing. This article offers important information on disputed trade accounts and the effect on

Burlington MA Single Family Real Estate Summary For January To December 2013

The Burlington MA single family real estate summary for January to December 2013 in this blog include information on average prices, listing volume, and marketing time frames for the last few years. Average sale price provides useful details about

MA Buyer Real Estate Showing Guidance

Scheduling and seeing properties can be a bit cumbersome. There are a few things to consider when selecting homes to view, prior to showings, and during showings. The MA buyer real estate showing guidance below can help make it a little bit

For Sale By Owner May Result In Overpricing By MA Sellers

Home owners often evaluate selling a property on their own with the primary objective of making more money. Experience has proven that it can actually cost more than it saves,... for sale by owner may result in overpricing by MA sellers. Below are a